Strong-Willed Survivor
Jan’s Story

Jan is the backbone of her family. She’s a strong, self-made insurance agent who loves taking care of her family and her business. True to character, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2012, she refused to believe she couldn’t beat it.

Her confidence wavered when she called her insurance company and learned she didn’t have enough coverage for even the preliminary tests, much less surgeries, prescriptions and treatments. She was devastated by the thought of financially crippling her husband and family, and soon the financial stress became a heavier burden than the disease itself.

“It was the most helpless time of my life – the first time I had no options, nowhere to turn, no control.”

Jan instilled a strong will to survive in her children, and they refused to give up hope for their mother. Their search for a fighting chance led them to Gateway to Hope. The very next day, Jan met with the GTH nurses and a treatment plan was established. She left the office with appointments with her new health care team. Through Gateway to Hope’s resources, she bravely underwent a bilateral mastectomy, breast reconstruction, six rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, hysterectomy and ongoing surgeries. Her mantra was always, “Let’s do it. Let’s get healthy.”

Jan is cancer free and back to keeping her family running full speed. Looking back, she says the hardest thing wasn’t hearing she had cancer but asking others for help.

“Sometimes you do everything right and you just need help. That’s what Gateway to Hope is. They gave me the tools I needed to make me healthy. They saved my life.”