Swing Dance Fighter
Janice’s Story

Janice had just turned 60 when her world was turned upside down. Downsized by a long-time employer, she was jobless and without insurance. Within two months, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Janice felt defeated. She had nowhere to turn. Then her doctor told her about Gateway to Hope.

“When you are diagnosed, you are walking around in a fog. You can’t change the facts. Gateway to Hope was a godsend. They paid my COBRA for a year. They took a lot of the worry out of things. When there’s zero income, a $7 prescription might as well be $100. I could count on them for everything.”

For the first time in her life, a very independent woman had to turn to others. Gateway to Hope lifted heavy financial burdens like COBRA payments and medical costs, while friends and family pitched in to help with everyday errands, like laundry, cleaning and driving.

Three years later, Janice is cancer-free and committed to living life to the fullest. She spends her days with her grandchildren, volunteering and continuing her lifelong passion, swing dancing.

“I can cut a mean rug. A very, mean rug. This is the new Janice. And I’m just grateful to see her reflection everyday.”