Supermom Vs. Breast Cancer
Kim’s Story

Kim was a hardworking single mother, raising two kids without ever missing a field trip. That all changed when Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. It sent her family reeling. As a self-employed hairdresser, Kim realized she wouldn’t be able to work while undergoing treatment, making it impossible for her to afford health insurance. She confessed her fears to a longtime client, who recommended Kim contact Gateway to Hope.

Immediately, Gateway to Hope connected Kim with life-saving medical treatments and answers for her questions – like how to find doctors or where to buy wigs. Beyond medical care, Gateway to Hope eased financial burdens, helping pay her insurance premiums while she recovered from treatment.

Of course, there were still hard days – breaking the news to her parents, depending on her kids for rides, watching them struggle through their own hardships. But through it all, Kim’s outlook on life and people in general was forever changed.

“I have a lot of hope. Going through this and seeing the outreach of people was phenomenal. I do have a whole different outlook on life – on people helping people. You realize we have to take care of each other.”

Today, Kim is cancer-free and back at work doing what she loves. She is more involved than ever in her kids’ lives. Any chance she gets, Kim uses her experience to encourage other women facing breast cancer, “You have to look for something positive every day. You have to thank God that he woke you up.”