The Student Who Chose Life
Marcea’s Story

As a cosmetology student and former construction worker, Marcea is no stranger to hard work, but she had to put her promising career path on hiatus when a life-changing phone call interrupted her class one evening.

The diagnosis came like a punch. She had breast cancer. Devastated, she felt lost as everything she had worked so hard for seemed to slip away. That is, until she found Gateway to Hope.

“Gateway to Hope stepped in and saved my life. They were my guardian angel… Every appointment…every treatment, all I had to do is confirm. I don’t know where I would be without them. They saved my life. They did everything without me asking.”

Marcea braved her first chemotherapy without skipping a beat. The second round, she lost all of her hair and her confidence wavered. As a cosmetologist, styling hair was an important way of expressing herself. But she made her own wig, and soon realized her priorities had changed.

“[Cancer] makes you look at life differently…people, the world. Negative things don’t matter anymore. You have to stay positive or it will break your mind.”